2021 International Conference on Computer, Remote Sensing and Aerospace(CRSA 2021)
Prof. Yuanzhu Chen

Prof. Yuanzhu Chen


School of Computing, Queen's University, Canada

Speech Title:

Fading Networks


The universal presence of networks makes them an important conduit to study interactions in complex natural and artificial systems. While maintaining their integrity is crucial, in many cases, we are also interested in disconnecting them for disease prevention control, failure containment, crime disruption, etc. With an array of methods exploring node importance, localized execution, measurement of fragmentation, the choices we have can be disorienting. In this talk, I will discuss a general framework proposed to investigate strategic choices of nodes to remove from the network, and how distributed information gathering and decision making can help us achieve the balance between efficacy and cost of doing so. The framework was evaluated using computer simulation of network dissolution for the full process of weakening, breaking, and shattering. Measurements of focus include the structural losses such as increased effective diameter, homogenization of node degrees, and Shannon diversity of resultant network fragments. I will also review a few other projects of mine related to computer networking and complex networks.